As my husband was leaving for work on Friday he said “can you believe he could be here in a month?” I knew it was happening but that really hit it home for me. One month. I can remember being in my first and second trimesters and thinking the time would never pass. Now I just need it to slow down a little bit to make sure I can get everything ready! I know I’ll love having these running and pregnancy recaps to look back on!

I feel like there are also a million books I should have read by now, but I haven’t. I guess I’ll just do what I can and just figure out the rest as I go!

Here is a look at running and pregnancy in week 35!


Baby in Week 35

35 Weeks: This week our little guy is the size of a pineapple and is roughly 18.1 inches and 5.07 lbs.

running and pregnancy 35 weeks

It’s hard to believe I have a roughly 5 lb baby in there! No wonder running is getting so much harder these days.


Weight Gained: I don’t have another checkup until a week from Monday, so since last week I was up 23 lbs I am going to guess I’m either right around there still or up a pound or so. I’m not worried too much about it at this point. Weight gain happens and it means that our little man is growing and getting ready to make his appearance!


Symptoms: The exhaustion is still going pretty strong. I’m pushing through and thankfully I think a little bit of nesting is setting in. It’s about time because I feel like there is so much to do before he gets here. I still have a lot of pressure in my pelvic floor and cramping off and on but overall I can’t complain.


Food Aversions:  I’m still not having any food aversions. I guess I can say I have really lucked out on that one this pregnancy aside from a few minor ones in early pregnancy. Though I would have loved to have a food aversion to ice cream and sugar! Ha!


Food Cravings:  I have been craving sushi something awful lately. It’s probably just because it’s something that I know I can’t have. Margaritas and the occasional glass of wine are also missed but all in due time right?


Sleep:  I give up on sleep. I just take whatever I get most nights. Some nights are great and some nights are terrible but the further I get along the worse it seems to get. I’m okay with it now because after 9 months my body is getting used to it. I do still give in to caffeine but keep it around 100 mg or less a day. It is the only thing I’ve found that has helped me get through the work day.


Baby Items Purchased: We’ve been on a buying spree! Trying to purchase the last few things before he gets here! We got our pack n’play this week, we have our glider coming hopefully in the next several days, and we got a lot of our small items left of our registry. Things are coming together!


Exciting Things Happening This Week:  There wasn’t anything too exciting this week. We did make some more progress on the nursery which is always fun to me and picked up some more things for the walls. I can’t wait to put them up but want to make sure all the furniture is in there first. We also need to get some shelves or a bookcase to help with storage.


Looking forward To: Honestly, his arrival! I’m at the point where I am ready for him to be here. Even with things left to do, we have all the necessities at this point that if he came early we would be fine!


Running in Week 35

Running is getting more difficult as one would expect. I see a bigger change week to week now in how my responds. Wednesday of this week I had to cut my run short because my body was just not having it, and that’s okay. I’ve kept up spinning and a “long” run on Saturday. I think that has been my biggest goal is to try to keep that going as long as I can.

Here is a breakdown of my running this week:


Monday – 5.12 miles outside

Tuesday – 2.20 miles on the treadmill, 40 minutes spinning

Wednesday – 4.20 miles outside

Thursday – 2.25 miles on the treadmill, 40 minutes spinning

Friday – Off

Saturday – 7.05 miles

Sunday – 4 miles


I know 4 AM mornings make my week day runs a lot harder. The weekend runs are still hard, but getting enough sleep makes a huge difference. I’m sure I’m going to have to get used to running on a lack of sleep so this is great preparation for the future!

Cycling still isn’t my favorite thing but thanks to Netflix and some books I’ve been able to do it without too many problems. It’s a nice break and is much easier on this belly of mine so I am learning to enjoy it the best I can!

running and pregnancy 35 weeks post run

My husband decided at the last minute he wanted to run a 10k on Saturday morning to see where he was at. This far along I didn’t want to push a race, so I decided just to go and run on the trail where it was held and work around the race. I did 4 miles before the race, 2 miles during, and 1 mile after for a total of 7 miles. I also walked an extra mile to cool down for a total of 8. Overall, getting harder but still felt alright.

running and pregnancy 35 weeks Saturday


How did your running go this week?

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