Week 32 was a tough one. Nothing was really out of the ordinary but I think the drive back from Chicago on Monday really wiped me out. We got in a great run before we left but then sat in the car for 12 long hours and by the time I got home, got unpacked, and cleaned up it was after 11 pm when I got to sleep. Normally not awful, but my 4:45 AM alarm came way too early. Everything from there on out was just tough. There were some pretty awesome events this week though, so I’ll take it!

Here is a look at week 32!


Baby in Week 32


32 Weeks: This week our little guy is the size of squash and is roughly 16.6 inches and 3.75 lbs.


I’m beginning to get more and more comments like: “oh when are you due?”, “you are really popping now” etc.  I’m just rolling with it. Ha!


Weight Gained: I didn’t have an appointment this week so I don’t know my weight, but I’m guessing I’m up a pound or two since the last one? It could just be me feeling bigger than I really am but I will get an update next week when I go back to the Doctor.


Symptoms: The biggest symptoms I’m having right now are exhaustion, some Braxton hicks contractions, and light cramping a few times. The first little bit of cramping happened on our way to Chicago so it threw me off a bit. It seems to subside but I really have to focus on taking it easy sometimes and drinking lots and lots of water.


Food Aversions:  None. I could eat everything if you’d let me. Well I say that because I want to eat everything but my stomach is definitely not as big as it once was so I have to make sure to stick to lots of small meals every 2-3 hours.


Food Cravings:  This has changed this week off and on. One day I really craved ice cream and the next waffles. I gave into the ice cream but I made a healthy waffle recipe and topped it with PB and fruit. I good mix for me of giving in and finding healthy alternatives!


Sleep:  Eh. I think I had one night of really sleeping well. Most nights are just OK. I’ll be exhausted all day and just pray for bed time but then when I get in bed I am wide awake and it takes forever to go to sleep. I think it’s just going to be this way for the rest of the time, but that’s okay. After a while you just get used to it.


Baby Items Purchased: I had my baby shower on Saturday! It was awesome and so wonderful to be surrounded by so many family and friends. It’s good that it’s over now too because we can start making our list of what we still need to buy and really start preparing for this little boy’s arrival.


Exciting Things Happening This Week:  I had my baby shower! I think that definitely was the highlight of my week. I got to see so many friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while and it was just such a wonderful time celebrating our boy! I can’t wait for everyone to meet him once he is here.


My husband also surprised me and got off work (he was originally supposed to work Saturday night) so that he could come with me for the day. He didn’t come to the shower, he went to watch football with the other men but he was able to come by at the end and I was glad for him to be there for a little bit.


Looking forward To: I’m looking forward to really starting to get to work on the nursery and getting this ready for this baby!



Running in Week 32

Running was much more difficult this week. I tried to embrace it as much as I could, but my body really had a hard time recovering from the traveling. My best run was oddly the morning after going to bed so late when I only had about 4.5-5 hours of sleep. Every morning after that really went downhill.

Here is a breakdown of my running this week:


Monday – 4.05 miles outside in Chicago

Tuesday – 4.12 miles outside

Wednesday – 5.2 miles on the treadmill

Thursday – 4.13 miles outside

Friday – Off

Saturday – 8.10 miles outside

Sunday – 5 miles outside


I ended the week right at 30 miles which I was happy with! The beginning of this week was tough. The early mornings are getting harder for my body to get into, but I’m still plugging away.

Saturday’s long run was much more enjoyable mostly because I’d had good sleep and I fall weather is finally getting here! It is my favorite time of year to run and I am so glad that I still get to enjoy it!


You aren’t going to win every run. Every run isn’t going to feel good. The best advice I always can give is to embrace each day for what it is. I stop when I need to, walk when I need to, and just remind myself that my body is working overtime these days!


How did your running go this week?

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