What is about short work weeks that sometimes feel more exhausting? I’m so thankful for a 4 day week, but I just felt like I couldn’t get enough sleep this week!

As you all know from Friday’s post, training this week looked a little bit different. I took out all workouts and just ran easy for a majority of the runs. I finally was able to venture outside later on the week, but at the beginning of the week I felt like I was living on the treadmill.

After all the craziness so far this training cycle, I’m much more at peace with my decision to run Boston for fun. If I was still training for my sub-3:20 goal I would be stressing big time on missing workouts. I am able to just relax and go with the flow right now.


Here is a look at my non-workout training week:


Total: 6 miles

I was off work due to President’s Day on Monday. Due to snow/ice I was forced to treadmill run on Monday. It ended up working out because it allows me to have more control over my movements.

There was nothing fancy to this run. I kept it just under a 9:00 min pace and refused to let myself speed it up anymore. It was hard but not being in a rush to get ready for work allowed me to relax and just enjoy the easy run.

Photo Feb 15, 10 24 17 AM

I originally had planned to go to the gym, but they closed down for the snow so the basement treadmill it was.



Total: 4 miles

My first day back at work this week started out with a short run, which was a nice way to ease into it. Due to slippery and icy roads I was back on the treadmill again.

Photo Feb 16, 5 49 30 AM

It wasn’t the greatest run to be honest, but it was short so that’s what I kept telling myself.



Total: 7 miles

I originally had a workout scheduled for today. Even though we cut out the workouts this week, I kept my mileage where it would be for the week day runs.

I was finally able to get back outside, but made it a point to not look at my watch and just run with what my body and rib felt good doing. I ended up averaging around an 8:49 pace which was better than expected.



Total: 5 miles

The last easy run for the week was 5 miles on Thursday morning. Another morning I got to spend outdoors so you won’t see my complaining.

Photo Feb 18, 7 23 28 AM

I didn’t dress quite warm enough, but thankfully since it was a shorter run it didn’t bother me that much once I got warmed up.






Total: 5 miles

I switched my long run this week to Sunday for a couple reasons. I wanted to be able to support my husband on his 26 mile workout he had and it gave me an extra day to let my rib feel better before doing my “long” run for the week.

He had a killer workout and so I met him at various water stops along the way. It helped to break it up for him and gave me something to do instead of thinking about the fact that I only ran 5 miles for my Saturday run.

I have really missed being able to help support him on a lot of his runs like I used to when I wasn’t training for Boston as well. This was a nice way for me to help him while also resting my rib a bit more.



Total: 12 miles

The original plan was 18 miles; however my coach pushed it back to 12 to be a little more cautious. The hope is that I’ll be good to go for 18 miles next weekend.

Wish me luck! I’ll come back to update you all on the outcome.


How did your running go this week?

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