Hi there! Happy Friday. I hope everyone has a great weekend planned. Not sure what we have going on besides running (of course).

I figured I’d jump right into it today with a few things I’m loving this week.


Trail Walks

I seriously will never get tired of Danville trails. They have so many that there is always a new one to explore. I’ve been really enjoying taking Zoe out on the trails in the evening.

Zoe Trail

She has a blast exploring and it gets a lot of her energy out to make for a much calmer night around the house.

Zoe and I Selfie
I kept trying to get her to understand the concept of a selfie, but she never really caught on.


“Unbreakable: The Western States 100”

If you need some motivation and want to watch a movie that will make you want to just go run forever, check out this documentary!

Western States

The documentary follows 4 of the top guys from 2010 in the Western States 100 ultra race. It was really motivational and was really great watching it the night before my long run. My husband and I are always looking out for new running movies to watch.


“Beautiful Me” Photos

By now I am sure you have all seen this going around Facebook. People are posting 5 photos that make them feel beautiful. I’ve gotten tagged in a few but never got around to doing it myself. I was reminded yesterday when Mike did this post on his blog.

I figured it would make a great segment for this post, so here we go.

This picture was from our wedding day. I don’t think I have ever felt more beautiful than I did that day. It was so special and was hands down one of the best days of our lives.


This is a picture of Wes and I after running my very first marathon. Aesthetically this is an awful picture, but I felt beautiful because I had accomplished something I never thought I would.

Chicago Marathon

I love my animals. Every single one of them. This picture makes me happy because of how much these little animals complete our lives.


This picture was from Wes and I’s engagement session almost 5 years ago. This was right before we picked up and moved to Pennsylvania. We were scared, unsure but excited for the future.


Finally, this is from Wes’ medical school graduation. I could not have been prouder of him on that day.

Medical School Graduation


An Awesome Tempo Run

Just like I do every week I was super nervous for my tempo run on Thursday. It’s always the last real workout before my rest day and by Thursday my legs are pretty tired.

I headed out to the trail I do my tempo’s on and did my dynamic stretching and quick warmup. I knew the more I sat around and thought about it the more nervous I would get. As soon as my warm up was done I was off!

I felt strong the entire time. Each mile actually ended up being a little under the 8:00 min/pace I was going for and at the end of the 6 I felt strong enough to keep going.

Tempo Run

I know this won’t happen every time, so I am super happy when a tempo run goes that well.


What are you loving this week?

What photos make you feel “beautiful”?

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