You have a few more days to enter my Reebok ZQuick Giveaway! Don’t miss out!   You know how everyone uses the phrase “working for the weekend” while my life looks more like “working through the weekend.” I’m babysitting  all day Friday and Saturday (10:20 – 7:00) and then work a double shift tomorrow. I am going to be worn out come 8:00 pm Sunday night. Thank goodness this is only temporary!   2014 02 28 08 04 01 jpg That was the temperature when we left for the gym this morning. It was crazy cold. Virginia you are looking better every day!   Workout The day started off with a quick workout. My schedule switched a little bit so I didn’t have to be there to babysit until 10:20 am. Wes and I headed to the gym to fit in a quick workout before he took me to work. 2014 02 28 09 45 16 jpg We ended up doing just over 60 minutes of lap pool running. Really that just means we ran up and down the pool instead of running in place. I didn’t have time for much else because I had to run and jump in the shower. Wes ended up running for 20 minutes and so far he still hasn’t felt any pain. This is a really exciting and hopefully when he slowly starts easing back into things on Monday he will continue with positive tests!   After the workout Wes mentioned he had a free meal he could use at the hospital he does rotations at right next door. He asked if I wanted to use it since he knew I would be babysitting until 7:00 pm and really didn’t have much to take for lunch. I jumped at the chance and we ended up leaving with a salad (which I will add turkey to) for lunch. We were too early for them to make lunch (a sub or wrap) but a salad worked just fine for me. 2014 02 28 10 10 55 I also grabbed a small container of Blueberry Yogurt which I ended up adding frozen cherries too. I ate this post-workout and as a breakfast once I arrived to babysit. 2014 02 28 11 04 31

Interesting Reads Sara put this link in my comments the other day: How to Injure Yourself Like a Pro by Lauren Fleshman, professional runner and creator of Picky Bars, I can’t tell how you spot on this article is. I am sad to say I am guilty of so many of these things myself.  The top ones that really hit home for me were:  

Mileage is Everything– Oh I remember having that mindset. If I didn’t hit the mileage I wanted in the morning then I would be back on the treadmill or out on the road getting in another few miles later in the afternoon. I remember on specific time when we were at the gym and I had planned to run 11 miles. I did an 8 mile workout and was exhausted. My legs felt like they couldn’t run anymore. Guess what I did? After I had stopped and cooled down I got back on another treadmill to finish 3 more miles to hit 11. I didn’t care how slow all I cared about was hitting that number. Yep. I never said I hadn’t made mistakes.

Stress – I remember so many nights getting off work and forcing myself to go and run because I HAD to. The stress got the best of me sometimes and instead of cutting myself a break I’d keep pushing my body through. I made a hard workout even harder on my body. There are some days we have to talk ourselves into going to the gym and then there are other days when it is our body’s way of telling us we need to rest.

Rest Days  – Yeah yeah I don’t think I need to keep pointing out how many mistakes I made. I will be utilizing rest days during training again. They are important. Your body needs them even if you want to run you need to rest.   I keep reminding myself of all the mistakes i’ve made in the past, but I look forward to reworking my training and becoming even stronger because of it!

Have you ever made any of those mistakes? What are your plans for Saturday? 

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