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I think I will start off by titling this the week of spinning.

I worked 4 out of the 5 days and with my crazy schedule spinning ended up the easiest and most effective way of fitting in my workouts.  Wes ended up doing a lot more pool running and swimming, but I didn’t have time for that.


Monday (2/3)
Spin: 90 minutes

Tuesday (2/4)
Spin: 90 minutes

Wednesday (2/5)
Spin: 90 minutes

Thursday (2/6)
Spin: 100 minutes

Friday (2/7)
Spin: 60 minutes

Saturday (2/8)
Spin: 80 minutes
Pool Running: 90 minutes

Sunday (2/9)
Rest Day


As I was typing this post up I started to realize just who boring this week’s recap was going to be.  There wasn’t a lot of variety, but oddly enough this was one of the first times I didn’t get burnt out or tired or doing the same thing. I think having a workout buddy is probably a big reason for that.

I hope to find new things to incorporate throughout this week. I know it will help us both out and my schedule is a LITTLE less hectic.


Wes had a full morning of cross training planned yesterday morning, so I opted to do it with him.

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I had to get in my coffee first. I finally replenished my stash. There were a couple rough days there.

We started on the bike and I challenged myself a bit by taking the resistance up to a 10. It felt good to give myself a little bit of challenge, but my quads were TIGHT! I had to make sure to stretch really well afterwards.  The time actually went pretty quick thanks to catching up on the newest episode of Reign, playing QuizUp on the iPad, and chatting.  We had both had enough at 80 minutes and decided to get in the pool.

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Our gym has three pools. A lap pool, a therapy pool, and a pool that is primarily for water aerobics.  The lap pool I swear is not heated AT ALL and I just can’t bring myself to get in it this time of the year. The therapy pool is SUPER heated, but it only has one tiny deep area and usually has a ton of people in it.  The third pool (which is used for water aerobics) is perfect for pool running. During my injury I actually never used this pool, and I wish I had! You can still touch the bottom no matter where you are in the pool with your head above water.  It makes it easier for a good pool running session.

We hopped in not really knowing how long we were going to go for, and before we knew it we had been going an hour and 15 minutes. We decided to top it off at 90 minutes.  The great thing I have found about pool running is that you really don’t get tired. I loved spending this time in there with Wes, because for once I can run WITH him and keep up! 🙂

2014 02 08 14 21 55

Overall it was a great workout and was just what we needed for our Saturday.  This is the last Saturday I will be free, I start my job as a part time nanny every Friday and Saturday this week so I wanted to get one last good workout in for my Saturday.


We had a nice date night out using our very last gift card from Christmas and then came back to watch a movie and relax.

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This pretty accurately describes the rest of our night. Does anyone else seem to have this problem!?


Sadly I have to share some not so good news. Wes got his MRI results back and while it is not entirely certain they believe he has a small sacral stress fracture.  The symptoms aren’t all there for it, and there was a distinct line.  The radiologist said that the area was lit up on the MRI and that was a sure sign of inflammation.  We are hoping it is something a little less serious, but either way it doesn’t change the way that he recovers.  Even if at worst it is a sacral stress fracture (which we are assuming was caused from his fall) he should be back around the 2nd to 3rd week of March and right now is still planning on attempting Boston. We are just playing it by ear right now to see what happens.

For those of you who don’t know, Wes had a sacral stress fracture his first year of medical school during this exact same time. It was a lot worse but he took time off, cross trained, and was back in about 6 weeks.

It hasn’t been the best week for good news in our house, but we are still pushing through! 

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I kid…I kid….


How did your training go this week?

Ever had one of those weeks where it all seems like bad news? 

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