Happy Sunday! 🙂

My week is all thrown off because my hours have been all over the place, but I can’t wait until 4:00 pm today when I get to relax and spend the rest of the evening with the hubs.


Friday and Saturday were pretty uneventful around here. Friday I ended up having off so I went to town on cleaning my house. It had gotten out of control, and even though there is still some work to be done I am excited to have a bulk of it finished.

We hung out, watched movies, and Wes showed me who really is #1 in his life.

2014 02 21 20 36 52 2

This cat loves Wes and isn’t such a fan of me. I don’t know what I ever did to him, but that’s OK!


I went to bed early Friday to wake up and babysit Saturday.  

After I got done we headed out to dinner. Our one dinner a week out is the highlight of my week. This week we kept it simple and just went to the mall food court. Nothing fancy but it was perfect.

The fact that the dinner ended with frozen yogurt made it EVEN better!


After Friday’s post I got a couple of questions about budgeting for food. I will try and work on a post for you all on how we do it. I want to start out though by being honest and saying money is EXTREMELY tight right now. Sometimes I have to buy the cheapest things I can find to make sure we get by.  

We know it won’t be like this forever which makes it much easier to get through the tough days.  Anyways, be on the lookout for that post in the coming weeks. I’ll be as honest as I can be!


Getting right two it, much like a couple weeks ago I am going to title this week pool running week.

Monday (2/17)

Pool Running: 2 hours

2014 02 17 17 04 15


Tuesday (2/18)

Pool Running: 60 minutes

Biking (Spinning):  50 minutes


Wednesday (2/19)

Pool Running: 90 minutes

2014 02 19 09 58 59


Thursday (2/20)

Pool Running: 1 hour 50 minutes


Friday (2/21)

Pool Running: 2 hours

2014 02 21 12 10 08


Saturday (2/22)

Rest Day


Sunday (2/23)

Still figuring this out with my work schedule, but most likely a rest day.


There you have it. Lots and lots of pool running this week. Aside from Wednesday most of it was done with Wes.  As I mentioned Friday, sometimes the most time we have together is at the gym so this allows us to chat and spend some time together before I head off to work.

The good news: we are probably about 10 days out from Wes running again. Or at least beginning to run again. He really is feeling well and I think his body is responding like it should be to recovery. He is antsy to run again but taking it slow to avoid re-injuring his sacrum. 


I have some great things coming for you all this week! I’m really excited. Now I just need to find the time to sit down and get it all put together 🙂 Have a great Sunday!


How did your workouts go this week?

Anyone race? Do a long run? Or just relax this weekend?

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