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How was that for a bit of a heavy post this morning? I like to look at it more as honest and real as opposed to heavy so we will stick with that.

I’m focused on changing for the better, improving little by little, and furthering myself each and every day.  Some days it may be something VERY simple and other days I may take a larger leap but either way progress is progress.


Sunday I decided to go to the gym for an easy cardio session to shake out my legs. Evidently they weren’t agreeing with me after my lunges and squats on Saturday.

2014 01 26 12 39 51

I ended up doing 60 minutes on the arc trainer pretty easy.  I worked up a good sweat though so it made me feel good, and then I decided to go get some coffee and get a few things done.

2014 01 26 13 34 50

I’m really focusing hard on finding a 2nd part time job, keep your fingers crossed for me!

In yesterday’s training recap post I noted that I had not yet decided what my training would look like for week 5 back into running. I have pretty much stuck with the same mileage for the last 4 weeks and while that has been smart I am starting to get the itch to change things up.

My body is responding well, but I don’t want to do too much too soon. I have worked too hard to get to where I am to get crazy. I’ve decided I will increase my running VERY slightly if at all. It took some “tough love” for myself to remind myself to slow down, but that’s okay. In replace I’ve decided to refocus on my strength training.

I recently received a new book and I look forward to using it as I work to improve my strength.
Quick Strength For Runners by Jeff Horowitz.

2014 01 26 23 49 49

Once I get through the whole book I will get you a review, but I am planning to follow the book pretty much as instructed.

The book comes with a complete strength training routine for 8 weeks and it’s goal is to help strengthen your body (of course) and to help you become faster and injury free. Sign me up!

The only small change that I will be making is that the book itself is divided up into 2 workouts per week; however, I will be splitting each workout in half so I will actually be strength training 4 days during the week (that is about 5 exercises per day).
I love finding new books simply because it’s always  a chance to learn more and increase my knowledge on being a stronger and better runner!


Also, the winner of the EnduroPacks giveaway is Melisse!

Congrats! I will be emailing your shortly to get your information so we can get your your month pack on it’s way!

If you didn’t win don’t worry, I have something else pretty special coming up this week!


Do you strength train regularly?

Do you like to go into the gym with a plan each day?

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