I am happy to report my first day of training for one of my part time jobs went great.

I am working in a chiropractors office part time and am really enjoying learning something completely new. It isn’t the best paying job but there is something to be said about just having SOMETHING to help us. It’s a big learning curve but I am really enjoying it, and you never know where these types of things can pay off in the future.


Next week starts my first week of working both jobs and I am actually looking forward to it. It’s all about pushing forward and focusing on the future. That’s my goal each and every day.


Yesterday before I headed to training I met my husband at the gym for a spinning session.

We completed about 90 minutes of spinning before I had to call it quits to hop in the shower and Wes headed to swim.

IMG 0020


I would have loved to get in a small weight lifting session, but I didn’t end up having the time. Oh well.

IMG 0025

I felt good throughout the spin, and I am starting to think this little focus on cross training may be beneficial to me!

Still no change in Wes’ condition. He is still pushing through and trying to stay positive. I guess that is about the best you can expect. We keep hoping that one day something will knock him back into alignment and the pain will subside, so far though nothing has happened.


As I’ve been working on getting ready for my workouts this week I’ve noticed my body has been extra stiff. I think this has a lot to do with the crazy cold weather.

Going along with my tips for running in snow and ice yesterday, there are a few others things that are even MORE important during the cold weather months.


1. Start with a Warm Up

Never forget your warm up. Sometimes I will jog a lap or two around the indoor track or simply walk for the first minute of my treadmill workout. Even if I am spinning I always incorporate a warm up.

This helps your muscles to get loose and can help to avoid a costly injury. 


2. Don’t forget Your Dynamic Stretches

Dynamic stretches are always important but especially when your muscles are cold.

Dynamic Stretching Routine

It has been shown that stretching pre-workout really doesn’t add much benefit, but dynamic stretches are an easy and quick way to warm up your muscles and prepare for your workout.


3. Hydrate!

It is easy to remember to keep hydrated during the summer months when it is hot outside. We often forget that even though we aren’t sweating like crazy, we still need to be staying hydrated.

Proper hydration can drastically improve your runs, your sleep, and even helps your body recover.


Don’t forget to hydrate!


Do you hydrate as much during the winter months?

What do you do differently in the winter versus the warm months?

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