Today was a day of refocus.

I had gotten off track with so many things and it was time to get focused on myself.

My diet has been all over the place and I’ve let my health take a back seat. Without going into too much detail it has been a very stressful few days/weeks and my way of coping is eating things I shouldn’t.

It was time to break that habit.


This morning I woke up and Wes suggested I attempt test #2 on my leg.

I bundled up because it is crazy cold here. I just cannot get used to this cold weather.

IMG 2644

The key to running in the coldest city in Pennsylvania is layers. You can never wear too many layers. I make it a point during the winter to buy my long sleeve shirts a size bigger so that I can wear several other shirts underneath it.

The plan was to run 0.5 miles on all grass. Easy, slow, and on soft surface.

IMG 2639

We have a field right next to where we live and I knew it would be the perfect place to run.

IMG 2641

There is also a baseball diamond which I actually prefer to run on over the grass. The grass was really wet and had a lot of hilly areas so running on the baseball diamond was much easier.

Total run was 0.51 miles in just over 6:00 minutes. I told you I was going to run slow.

IMG 2640

It went well. I had no pain and it felt amazing.

IMG 2643

Before you all start thinking I’m crazy. Don’t worry. I am taking this slow. I am just testing it out. I have no plans on going out and running anymore at this point.

It is about small steps and moving in the right direction. I am focusing on strength training and cross training to make sure that one day when I do really run again that I will be ready and stronger.


I woke up determined to make some changes and after this successful run I was even more motivated.

I went to the gym before dinner to get some strength training in.

I fixed a delicious healthy dinner.

IMG 2650

Part of my dinner – spinach and broccoli salad with roasted sweet potatoes. This was so delicious.

That is mustard on my salad. I know it’s weird, but I love it!

IMG 2651

I am never making sweet potatoes any other way from here on out.

They were delicious and I made plenty to have leftovers!


Some other things I did today to refocus and regroup:

1. Found a volunteer organization to work with

2. Set up some side jobs with pet sitting and baby sitting to get some money for the holidays

3. Refocused my diet on nutrition instead of eating because I’m stressed

4. Refocused on making my roll as a wife my priority. My husband is going through a crazy stressful time and I have to make my focus about supporting him.


Sometimes we just need to step back, focus on what’s important, and make changes.


What do you do when you need to regroup and refocus?

What are your best healthy ways to relieve stress?

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