Thank you all for being patient with me last week. I took some much needed time to simply unplug and enjoy time with my husband and Easton. It was such a wonderful week and I’m so sad that it came to an end. Thankfully we have so much to look forward to coming up and I’m excited!

I realized while I was thinking about what my post would be today that I haven’t updated you all on well…life. We’ve had quite a few things going on the past few months and it has all been happening so quickly that I’ve forgotten to fill you in!

While I tend to keep my personal life personal I do love sharing what is happening with our family so let’s get to it!



Obviously we just spent 10 days in the sun and sand and it was perfect. The weather was a little frustrating earlier in the week but we did the best we could and enjoyed just being together! I have to say vacationing with a child is so much different, but also so much fun!

Vacation Easton and I

Every year we go on vacation the same week. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to take Easton this year and just look back on how much things have changed in such a short time. It was also wonderful to have Daddy with us much more. He’s been working hard to finish up residency so he’s had a lot on his plate and this week was just what we needed together!

Wes and Easton Vacation



I’ve been in a pretty unexciting cycle since running Boston. I haven’t had any real structure and most days my run is decided while I am driving out to the trail. While we were on vacation I ended up throwing all workouts out the window and just ran whatever my legs had in them that day. I also took 3 rest days during the 10 day period which is more than normal, but it was great for me.


Even though I have enjoyed the unstructured training a part of me is really itching to get back to something more structured. Obviously vacation is not the time to start that, so my goal is that by Monday I will have a new training schedule together for a 5k! It’s a great time to work no my speed some, lower my mileage from marathon training, and just take a break from the super long runs.

I’ve made the decision not to run another marathon until December, so this gives me lots of time to work on shorter distances that will in return get me ready to start marathon training when the time comes again.


Mom/Work Life

I can’t believe I never shared with you all what MY plan was! If you can’t tell I am pretty much in a constant state of being behind on everything these days but slowly trying to get my head back above water. We made the decision while I was on maternity leave that I would not be going back to work at my full time job. I loved my job and I worked for some amazing people, but monetarily I was making more by staying home in my part time jobs than I would have been working full time away from the home and paying for childcare.

E and Me Myrtle Beach

It was never a road that I had imagined for myself and for many months I struggled with the decision. It made the most sense financially for our family but I really wasn’t sure I could do it. I’m slowly starting to get into more of a groove and that is helping. I love being able to be home with my sweet Easton right now, and while I don’t know what the future will hold it again is the best decision for us at the moment.

I’m thankful I am able to work from home and still help provide for our family while still staying home and taking care of our sweet boy.


Hubby’s Training

I primarily talk about my training on this blog but since we both are working towards big goals in the coming years I thought while I’m at it I’ll give an update on Wes’ training as well.

As many of you already know he ran Boston with me and ran 2:31. He has always struggled on the Boston course but wanted to be there with me this year. He was in shape at the time for a 2:25 and was hitting his workouts like clock work so needless to say it was a little frustrating for him.

His focus has now turned to the Marine Corps Marathon in October. He’s doing some shorter training right now and working on increasing his speed to hopefully be able to get under 2:25 there. He is still shooting for OTQ for 2020 and I absolutely know he can do it.

It’s been a lot to train through residency and has often left him not being able to fully do all the things he needs to do to feel at his best. Hopefully after it is over and once he has more freedom with his schedule he will be able to really focus on all areas and have a huge stressor lifted off of him.


So, that’s life right now! It’s been a crazy journey for the past 6 months but we are at a really good place and each day we are learning more about this new journey of parenthood!

Thanks for sticking with me during this transition period and I’m hoping to bring you a lot more fun and exciting stuff! You all rock!

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