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Sometimes we all need a little help. I remember the exact day that my husband decided he needed to take his running to the next level and hire a running coach. He had come to the point where he realized he needed help to get to that next level.

The same goes with trainers. We all want to reach our goals, but sometimes we need a little help to get there, and there is nothing wrong with that! It’s important though that you make sure you find a trainer that will meet your needs, because let’s face it they aren’t all the same.


Here are just a few areas to focus on when looking for a trainer:

Find a Matching Personality 

It seems simple but it’s very important to find a trainer that meets your needs. Everyone responds to different personalities based on what helps motivate them. Do you need someone who is always staying on top of you? Do you like to be given your goals and then given space?  It’s important to find someone whose personality works with yours.


Set Your Expectations

When you first discuss with your trainer you want to be up front about your expectations. What you are looking to get out of the partnership. Your trainer should want you to succeed and to do that they need to know what you are looking for. Don’t be shy – it’s important to be up front to ensure you get what fit your needs.


Be Realistic with Your Lifestyle 

Everyone has different schedules and commitments. Don’t agree to something that you know you aren’t going to be able to keep. If your trainer requires you to go to the gym 4-5 days per week, but you only have 30 minutes at most a day then it’s not going to work. To set yourself up for success be up front about what you need – if you need the majority of your workouts to take place in the comfort of your own home then let them know that or if you do better at the gym them let them know. Be up front about what is possible to fit into your schedule.


Set Follow Up Goals

Do you like daily/weekly/monthly check ins? Depending on how often you like to discuss your progress it’s important to make sure your trainer is on the same page. If you are going to get frustrated with someone checking in with you each day, then make sure to find someone who will only check in once a week.


The good news is – finding a trainer doesn’t have to be hard at all! Find Your Trainer has set out to make meeting your fitness goals simple and easy.

Their questionnaire helps to make sure that you are matched with the exact trainer that is best for your needs and that ensures that all of my above points are met. The service to find your trainer is free, you only pay for the sessions that you book. No initiation fees, membership dues, or hidden fees.

Of course I’m sure you’re wondering – how do you I know that I will get a good trainer?

“All of the gyms and trainers at have been carefully picked and vetted by the Find Your Trainer team. While they represent a diverse selection of specialties, facility types, neighborhoods, genders and training styles, rest assured that you will be happy with whichever trainer you choose. We encourage you to research each trainer before you book by looking at their profile, reading their bio and learning more about the gym they train out of. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee – we’re so confident that you’ll love “getting fyt” with all of our personal trainers that we’ll refund you the full price of your session if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.”


Apart from their vetting process for all their trainers they offer a money back guarantee because they are confident in the trainers that they have chosen.

Find Your Trainer is an excellent source to find exactly what you need to reach your fitness goals – whatever they may be.

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Go ahead try it out! Find the best trainer for you today!

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