Boston Marathon Training Week 5 (12 Weeks Postpartum)

Boston Marathon Week 5

After my step back last week, we were back in full force during week 5!

Boston Marathon Training Plan

In total I ran 39.5 miles this week, my highest yet. Still low compared to other cycles but my body is still responding well to the mileage and I’m happy with where I’m at so far.


Monday – 6 x 400 meter hills

Boston Marathon Week 5 Hills

Monday started out with a bang during this workout. As you already know from my post earlier this week, this was a tough one. I had to mentally battle through most of the run, but I know it will make me stronger in the long run.

The 400 meters were done at a 9% incline on the treadmill with equal recovery. A tough workout but I know I will need those hills for Boston. In total I did a 1.5 mile warm up, 6 x 400 meters with equal recovery, and a 1 mile cool down.


Tuesday – 4 miles easy

Boston Marathon Week 5 Easy Stroller

Tuesday’s are stroller run days and are quickly becoming one of my favorite days! We headed out to the trails after our morning feeding and it was so nice and quiet. My sweet boy loves to sleep in the stroller which is a win win for both of us since we are struggling on the napping front these days.


Wednesday – 4 miles with 7 x 10 second hill sprints

Boston Marathon Week 5 Hill Sprints

Wednesday as usual called for hill sprints. Easton joined me in his Rock n’ Play for about 2.5 miles and then just wasn’t having it anymore. We went upstairs, nursed, and he went down for a nap. I knew he didn’t take long naps so I got back downstairs quickly to try and finish.

7 x 10 second hill sprints at a 9% incline and finished out my cool down for 4 miles total.


Thursday – 16 miles

Boston Marathon Week 5 Long Run

Long runs are notoriously the toughest runs of the week for me, and this week it was no different. After last weeks step back to 10, I was scheduled to run 16. I mapped out a course that wouldn’t make me run an out and back and asked my husband to pick me up at the end since hew as off that morning after working the night shift.

I felt really good until roughly 13 miles then the wheels started to fall off. I got super thirsty (it was much warmer than what I have been used to), my legs started to tighten up, and I just was loosing the mental focus I had in the beginning.

I had to really dig deep those last 3 miles and I have never been happier to see my husband at the end (with water!)


Friday – Rest Day

Boston Marathon Week 5 Rest Day

Friday per usual was my rest day. My husband had to go a couple hours away to do a presentation, so we tagged along for Thursday night and Friday. E and I had a lazy morning while daddy got his work done.


Saturday – 4 miles steady

Boston Marathon Week 5 Workout

The original plan was to be on the treadmill for this run, but E had a rough night and morning and I knew he wouldn’t be in the mood to hang out with me so we put the Thule in the car and headed down to the local trail.

I had a small workout on my schedule and since I was running with the stroller I decided to go into the workout without any expectations. The workout called for 1 mile warm up (9:39), 4 miles steady (8:17, 8:19, 8:19, 8:25), and 1 cool down (9:33).

I was really happy with the effort. I definietly had to dig pretty deep on this one and was running on a lack of sleep, but I just tell myself it will only make me stronger in the long run!


Sunday – 4 miles easy

Sunday once again will be 4 easy stroller miles.


I’m learning so much about myself during this training cycle. I’m already growing stronger both physically and mentally. Some days are hard and make me doubt why I chose to run this so soon after, but each day I reminded that I am capable of so much more than I could have ever imagined!

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