Happy Friday!

Each Friday means something a lot different to me these days. It’s one Friday closer to meeting our little guy! Not quite ready yet, but we are definitely getting closer!

I realized it’s been a while since I have done a day in the life post on here, and they are always something I enjoy reading on other blogs. It seems to be a more real and intimate peek into someone’s life. I’m not sure how exciting mine really is, but we will try it out!

I’ve done these before and sometimes it’s fun to look back and look at the different stages of life. You can find some of my previous posts: here, here, here, and here.


Ok, so let’s get this started shall we? This is a day in the life – Thursday, October 20th, 2017.

4:45 AM – Alarm goes off. I mutter a few times to myself how much I hate running early in the morning, which I know is just the lack of sleep talking and somehow manage to drag myself out of bed. The term “drag” is even more appropriate these days since I literally have to heave myself up now that this belly is definitely much bigger!


4:45-5:00 AM – Get up, put on my running clothes, take the dog outside, and then head downstairs to the basement to start my run. My husband has a later start to the day, but I know his alarm is set to go off about 20 minutes after mine. I run around outside in front of our house until he’s able to start his run.


5:00-5:45 AM – Run! I have a 4 mile run on the agenda for the day. As usual with running so far during my pregnancy the first 20-30 minutes are pretty tough, but eventually my body gets into it. As the weeks progress, I am definitely having to take these runs much slower.



6:00 AM – I get back home, feed the cats, feed the dog, make the bed, grab a quick snack of pineapple, drink water, and quickly get in the shower. I’ve been pushing my alarm back to the last possible second to take advantage of every minute of sleep. It does rush me a bit to get ready for work, but it’s worth it to me!


7:15-7:30 AM – Take the dog out one final team, eat breakfast, and pack lunch and snacks for the day.


8:00 AM – Arrive at work and get ready for another full day ahead. Thankfully this week has been pretty slow as most weeks are mid-month. After a few crazy weeks it’s nice to have some down time though.


9:00 AM – Got a call from my OB’s office that she had an emergency and we have to reschedule the appointment. A little bummed because it was the last appointment my husband would be able to go to with me. Oh well!


10:00 AM – Snack time! It’s crazy how cranky I get when I don’t eat every couple hours. Typically by 10:00 AM I am hungry and ready for a snack. This morning I had plain Greek yogurt with granola which is a staple around here these days. I like it because it has both high protein and healthy fat from the granola.



12:30-1:30 PM – Lunch time! I don’t have any major errands to run which is nice so I just fix my lunch, eat at my desk, and zone out for an hour. Sometimes I will go and just walk outside but wasn’t really feeling that either so it was a lazy day!

I brought a salad today but it wasn’t enough. I also ate half a protein bar and crackers. I was having one of those days where I never stopped being hungry.


5:00 PM – Finish up the last of my work and head home for the day. Thankfully this week has gone by quicker than last, and I am excited that tomorrow is FINALLY Friday!


5:15 PM – Thankfully I don’t live that far from work. I get home, check the mail, take my dog out, and wait for hubby to get home. I get some work done because we have a dinner to go to and I know I won’t be getting in until later. Get blog posts scheduled, answer emails, and try to finish up a few things I’ve been working on.


6:30 PM – Leave the house to go out to a dinner for my husband’s work. It’s a late dinner for me so I made sure to grab some snacks while I was waiting.


9:00 PM – Home from dinner and it’s past my bedtime. Thankfully I don’t have to be up early to run in the morning since Friday is my rest day. I grab one last snack, take the dog out, clean the litter boxes, and get ready for bed. I swear getting ready for bed is a TASK!


9:30 PM – Lights out!


As you can tell, my days aren’t too exciting – especially during the week! I am excited to see how much this will change again once our sweet boy arrives. I know it will be vastly different, but that’s ok!


What was the highlight of your day?

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