Today is a very special day in our household so I thought it was necessary to pop in with a quick post. You see, today is my husband’s 30th birthday!

I have to mention, it doesn’t bother him at all to turn 30 in fact he is excited in some ways because as he says these are his “prime running years.” Ha!

When I first started this blog I wanted it to be about running and marriage. While running has taken a forefront, I can’t help but be reminded on days like today and many other just how very blessed I am. I thought today in honor of his birthday I’d share five things with you all about him!


He is Extremely Dedicated

One of the husband’s most admirable traits is that he is extremely dedicated and passionate about everything he does. When he first made the decision to start running, he put everything he had into it. When he made the decision to work towards going to medical school (almost 11 years ago) he went into it without looking back. That is just the kind of man he is.

He has single handedly taken his marathon time from a 3:40 to a 2:27. His passion and drive to qualify for the Olympic Trials have inspired me almost daily. He has woken up during some of his long rotations in residency as early as 2:50 AM to get his training in. He amazes me.

Photo Apr 02, 11 06 43 AM

That being said, he is also extremely dedicated to us. No matter how busy his schedule got through medical school or residency he has always made time for me and put our relationship at the front. He really truly amazes me and even though I don’t always acknowledge it like I should I am so blessed.


He Hasn’t Always Been a Runner

A lot of people assume he has always run, but he didn’t start until college. He was a big soccer player before that and even though he jokes about that it consumed his life in high school (he was on 4 different teams) I believe it really set the ground work for leading into running.

Photo Oct 24, 12 07 39 PM (2)

He wanted to play soccer in college until he realized he had to choose either that or going to medical school. He picked up running as a way to stay active as he had always been, and fell in love immediately. His dad had ran many marathons before and he encouraged him to try it. Low and behold – he’s pretty obsessed now!


He’s Extremely Loyal

One thing I can say about my husband is he extremely loyal to those he is close to. He will go out of his way to help you and find ways to make things better. I am one who has always kept a lot in, but thankfully after being together for 11 years he can read me very well.


If I have a problem, he will stop at nothing to help. He has gone out of his way many times to help figure things out and tries to always help take unnecessary stress away.


He LOVES the Beach

This can go for both of us, but he REALLY loves the beach. When he was in high school his family bought a house on the coast of North Carolina. You’ve seen me post about it a lot on here. We try to go at least several times each summer and even throughout the year. There is something about how peaceful it is that always brings us back.

One of the first vacations we went on together was to Myrtle Beach and we try to go back at least once a year if not, every other year. It’s just a special place to us.

Photo May 22, 7 09 03 PM

We are even contemplating moving to a beach area after he graduates from residency! Sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy.


He loves animals

I found this one out really quickly after we started dating, which made me so happy! He grew up with cats and has always had a special soft spot for them.

We got our first cat together while we were still dating and he and my husband have an extremely touching bond together.

Photo Jul 09, 9 51 48 PM

We have created quite the heard of animals over the years, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We may be expanding our family in December but we have already had a wonderful little family!


I just wanted to come by today to share a little bit more about the man who has stood by me for 11 years and who continues to do so.

Happy 30th Birthday! I love you so much!


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