I saw this quote on Jess’ blog this week and I am in love with it. I think it summarizes my training pretty perfectly.

Rest Days3

You will see me struggle, but you will never see me quit. Regardless of how hard it may be, regardless of how many workouts I feel like I’m struggling through I won’t quit. I make adjustments if need be, I change goals if need be, but I won’t quit.

I think it is the perfect mantra to focus on going into this weekend.


My focus has really been looking at the positives this week. Thursday didn’t start out so well.

I woke up at 4:20 AM which isn’t outlandish in my book but it felt painfully hard. I was tired, hadn’t gotten much sleep and was struggling the first 2 miles.

I saw my husband around 2.4 miles and he said he was heading back to home. He wasn’t feeling good, too tired, and didn’t want to push it that morning. Thursdays are always hard. It was even harder since I moved my workout days around and had an easy day.

I could have kept going, but I ran back with him and went back to bed until the last possible second, 6:30 that I had to get up to get ready for work.

Rest Days1

In total I got in 3 out of 7 miles that morning, really not what I had planned. I needed the sleep, but wasn’t happy.

I went to work which right now is pretty crazy with month end, and decided to head downtown to run after work. I really didn’t want to add 4 miles in on Friday because I really take my rest day seriously.

Rest Days2

After I got started, aside from being insanely lot, the run alright. In total, 7 miles as planned for the day. Some days go as planned, some don’t. Regardless 7 miles happened.

It help immensely that Wes met me after work to finish the run out. There is nothing better than having a running partner by your side.


I always spend most of Friday really focusing on recovery. The most necessary parts to my recovery:

Foam Rolling

This seriously has been my best friend this past week. Two runs happened on the treadmill and because of that my legs get extra tight.




I know some people don’t agree with supplements, but I always make sure to take potassium, iron, folic acid and calcium. I take a multi vitamin usually around dinner time as well.



I keep a bottle of water with me at work every day. I try to drink constantly because I know how quickly I lose water when running during these hot months.

Rest Days1

Hydration is so key to recovery as well. If I don’t pay attention to it, even on my day off, I notice a huge difference.

I had someone ask if I’ve found a good hydration option for long runs that I mentioned earlier. The answer unfortunately, is no. I am still looking and a little bit worried about this weekend’s 15 miler. Still hoping I can figure something out!


Form Drills

Last week Wes and I were doing some running pictures and I realized just how badly I need to work on my form.

Wes showed me some basic drills to focus on and I’m really trying to make more of an effort. Sometimes the little things that we often put off help us the most.



Friday is always followed by a long run on Saturday, so I make sure I eat plenty and get my carbs at night before I go to bed.


What I take in especially at dinner time has a big impact on my run the next day, both good and bad.


What do you focus on during rest days?

Do you ever break up your runs?

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