Last week was not the most intense workout week I’ve ever had, but it was pretty tiring. In total I ran 6 days out of the week and was in the gym 3 times in the afternoon for strength training.

Strength training. Yes, I believe those are the words that most runners don’t even want to hear. We know it is important, that we’re supposed to do it but making the time for it is another story.

Throughout my marathon training I did strength training, but focused on doing body weight exercises only. The only real reason for this was because I just didn’t have the time. Wes was on a crazy schedule and I just had a lot of other stuff going on the past few months.

Excuses? Yeah. Probably.

This week I got back into it. Instead of trying to go all out, I made a simple workout schedule for strength training to do 3 days per week. If I had time for a 4th, then great. If not, I was content with getting the 3 days in.

Each day consisted of 3 upper body exercises (I targed biceps, triceps/back, and shoulders each on a different day). Every day contained 3 lower body exercises a core routine. Obviously, the most important as a runner.

I was sore. Very sore.

As a runner, I get used to being tired. However, I usually use the same muscles day in and day out so the soreness eventually went away. However, during strength training I was using muscles that hadn’t been worked that hard in quite a while.


Knowing that I’d be embarking on something new for my body, I strategicly planend my strength training to not interfear with my workout days (i.e. I don’t do strength train the night before a hard workout) and I came prepared each day with Thera-Gesic.

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I am not exagerating when I say that this has been a life changer, especially during the past week.


What is Thera-Gesic?

 “Thera-Gesic® has been on the market for over 20 years, and the one consistent thing we hear back from our friends who give it a try is something along the lines of, “Wow, this stuff really works!” The reason for its effectiveness is that it is a water-based creme that actually allows the two active ingredients, menthol and methyl salicylate, to penetrate the skin and begin to work in seconds. You control the amount of heat and relief by how many thin layers you put on. One thin layer provides a mild effect, two thin layers provides a strong effect, and three thin layers provides a very strong effect.”

I’ve tried muscle rubs in the past for aches and pains. Icy/Hot and other off brands and while they burn and help you forget about whatever your ache or pain is, it doesn’t last long.

Thera-Gesic On

I began putting Thera-Gesic on my muscles prior to running. At first, it would burn much like other ointments, but then it quick went away and my muscles began to feel better pretty dramatically.

Thera Gesic1

It became a regular staple in my gym bag. I began applying it after my weight training to help aid in the recovery process. Even though I was skeptical at first, it worked!

You control the amount you need depending on the soreness you are experiencing. One thin layer provides mild treatment, two layers provides a strong effect, and three thin layers provides a very strong effective. I have never applied three layers, but after my tough weight training session Thursday I did apply two layers.

I’ve tried so many muscle rubs. Some help for 5-10 minutes, some are just a fancy lotion but this one without a doubt is the real deal.

Thera Gesic

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