Happy Labor day!

This has been such a wonderful weekend down at the coast! The past several times we have come we have run into bad weather, and haven’t really been able to enjoy as much “beach” time as we would have wanted.

This weekend was full of sun and was a perfect official ending to the summer. It is hard to believe that it went by that quickly!

I started Sunday morning off with an easy 8 mile run. It was hot and humid but I was able to keep my heart rate low and focus on a good recovery run. It was exactly what my body need.

8 Miles

After the run was over it was time to relax and take the boat out. Seriously, this is my absolute most happy place!

Happy Place

When Wes and I were driving down on Friday we started talking about the importance of running the mile you are in. I am a person who often gets stressed and anxious about harder or longer runs. The ones that are most important in my training.

He kept reiterating how important it was to remember that no run will make or break you and that it is so important to stay within each mile. If you begin thinking at mile 2 of a 15 mile run that you have 13 to go it is going to make you panic, stress and your heart rate will rise.

Run the Mile You Are In

That was my focus for my long run this weekend. Simply to take it one mile at a time and relax. I did fairly well at it until about 11 and then I started to think too much ahead. This is something I really want to get better at!

This can be applied so much in all aspects of life. If we look forward at the end result, it is going to feel like too daunting of a task. I have to look at one day at a time and that is what gets us all to the finish line.

One Day At a Time

If I sit here and think about how far I have to go until my Boston Qualifier it would overwhelm it. I would feel lost and struggle with where I am some times. I have to constantly to remind myself to focus on one run at a time, one race at a time, and one marathon cycle at a time.

No matter how long it takes me to get there the more I dwell not the end result the more I can feel myself stress and worry. Stress and worrying automatically take the fun out of running for me, and I refuse to let that happen!

It may be a simple thing, but it is so often hard to do. Next time you head out for a longer run try just focus on running one mile at a time. Don’t think about how far you have to go, or how hard it is going to be, just focus on the the mile you are.


Do you ever struggle with thinking too far ahead?

How did your runs go this weekend? Any big labor day plans?

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