Rest day, I love you! I really really do. Yesterday was exactly what I needed to get regrouped and ready to go again.

After I got up and ate breakfast I headed out to take the pup on a short walk. I needed to get my legs moving and she was going a little crazy in the house.


We completed a short and relaxing walk in the neighborhood before packing into the car to go pick Wes up from his 7 mile run.

Zoe Walk

After we showered and had a lazy morning around the house, Wes suggested we head to Burlington (NC) to drive around and eventually eat an early dinner.

Burlington, NC was actually a town where Wes and I used to meet halfway during college summers when we both lived at home. It has a lot of memories for us so it was fun to simply drive around and reminisce. It’s amazing how much can change in town in 7-8 years.

Burlington NC

What an old picture! I can’t believe how young (and blonde) I look!

We had a few house related errands to run. Since we are on a tight budget our first stop was by a local flea market we saw while driving.

Flea Market

Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything but it was fun to walk around and see all the odds and ends they had.

Our next errand was to pick out some paint for the front door of our home.  When we moved in our landlord hadn’t had time to re-paint the font door which was cracking from the sun. She told us to pick out whatever color we wanted when we had time. We headed over to The Home Depot to get some paint.

Red Paint

I knew right away I wanted a bright red door. I don’t know why but I have always loved the look. We picked out NCSU Red since our favorite college team is NC State Wolfpack. I had no idea they could mix team colors!

I think this will be a weekend project. My goal is to get it done before we head off to the beach for July 4th.


I know most of you don’t care what I did all day, but the point of me sharing all this is to show the importance of staying active. No matter what type of workout you did or didn’t do that day.

It has been a focus of mine (even on the days I run) to keep moving and staying active throughout the day. My favorite way recently has been spending time outside.


Wes and I are loving quiet evenings in our backyard playing with the pup.

Fetch with Zoe

Not only does it get us exercise but Zoe as well!

Most of the time I run it is first thing in the morning after I get up. This is easiest especially since it has been so warm lately. However, once I am finished and stretched I end up sitting around working for most of the day.

My goal has been every 2 hours to make sure I am up moving around. Not only does it keep you feeling better, help to promote recovery and keep your metabolism going throughout the day but it also keeps you focused. I find I am much more productive when I take 5-10 minutes every couple hours to get up, walk around or even going outside.

It’s so easy when you have a sedentary desk job or work from home to sit for a majority of the day. My challenge to myself (and you!) is to get up and make an effort to keep moving or staying active throughout the day!

They don’t have to be complicated:

  • Go for a short walk down the hall
  • Go walk around outside
  • Go drive to a local mall and walk around the stores
  • Take your dog (or kids) outside to run around
  • Get up and clean one room of your house
  • Try some quick stretching or strength training

A little really will go a long way!


What do you do to keep yourself active?

Do you find yourself getting lazy after a run? I do! Half the time all I really want to do is lay down and sleep.


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