Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.  After our long eventful day in the car on Friday I spent Saturday working.

I did manage to get in a quick and easy 4 mile run in first though.

Weekly Recap3

I tried out some great new compression socks from Crazy Compression.

Crazy Compression

I apologize for the grainy photo.

I also go another run in with my Skora Fit shoes. Really loving these. They are such a natural feel.

Skora Running

Completely random side note – but has anyone tried the Toasted Coconut Oikos yogurt? I tried it while babysitting – it was delicious!

Weekly Recap5

We decided we’d had enough running around and spent a quiet evening at home on Saturday. It was just what I needed to regroup and relax after a couple crazy days.

Monday (3/31)

Running: 5.5 miles


Tuesday (4/1)

Running: 6 miles

Strength Training: 25 minutes


Wednesday (4/2)

Running: 6.25 miles


Thursday (4/3)

Running: 5 miles

Strength Training: 20 minutes


Friday (4/4)

Rest Day


Saturday (4/5)

Running: 4 miles


Sunday (4/6)

I am aiming for a “long” run since I had to work Saturday. Not quite sure what it will end up being.


I have seen several other bloggers do a “virtual coffee date” and loved the idea.  I thought I’d share a few things with you today that I would talk about if we were having coffee.



If we were having coffee this morning…

  • I’d tell you I am counting down the days until we move. I am ready for a new beginning and a fun new adventure. That being said i’m also a little nervous because in many ways as my husband starts his first year of residency it is like beginning medical school all over again.
  • I’d tell you I’m excited that my birthday is coming up this week. I will be 28. While I won’t say I am quite where I expected to be at this point in my life, I know I am right where I am supposed to be.
  • I’d tell you how amazing it feels to be running again.  I am already itching to be faster, but know that I need to take things slow and stay healthy first and foremost. I feel like I am finally putting myself and my body first.
  • I’d tell you I’m bummed that my husband starts his emergency medicines rotation tomorrow. It has been so nice having a month together, but thankfully the end is in sight!
  • I’d tell you that I finally faced my fears and put my dreams into action. I’m finally making the life I want for ME! Eventually I’ll go into detail fully once the kinks are worked out, but I’m proud and ready to create the life I’ve always wanted.
  • I’d tell you that today I am going to try to go run one of my favorite running trails in Erie. I am really excited to get back out there.


If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

How did your training go this week?

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