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I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Valentine’s Day.

I got to spend almost the entire day with my valentine, so I’d say mine was pretty much perfect.  

Valentine s Day

We are actually having our dinner tonight together once I get off work. I can’t wait to enjoy the time and celebrate all the awesome changes that have happened for us this week. Life is such a wonderful ride.


After yesterday’s post I started thinking more about the topic of loving yourself.  As I mentioned, I have always struggled with this. I naturally tend to put everyone else in my life first, and often times I end up forgetting the most important relationship I will ever have – the one with myself.

A great way that we can begin to love ourself is to treat our bodies well. Exercise, eat well, and give your body what it needs to be strong and healthy. I have been setting small healthy goals for myself over the past several weeks.  As my schedule gets busier it is easy for me to slip back into unhealthy habits, but with goals and a plan it is so much easier to succeed.

These goals/steps for me range from how to improve both my physical and mental health.


Drink More Water

This is simple. Quit drinking all the diet soda and other random things and drink more water. This not only is great for my body but also will help save us money.

I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my overall performance when I adequately hydrate throughout the day.


Have Healthy Snacks on Hand

Often times the reason I eat things that are processed or “bad” for me is because I don’t prepare. I don’t buy the healthy snacks or foods that I need to have in the house to avoid choosing the wrong things when I’m hungry.

I’m not saying don’t treat yourself, I’m simply saying keep healthy and nutritious foods on hand and this makes eating healthy and clean so much easier.


Stop Making Excuses

For as long as I can remember I have made excuses. Before I make a decision or a change I always want to try to find an excuse on WHY I can’t do it or why it won’t happen.

I’ve made it a goal to quit making excuses and leave all doors open.  There is nothing you can’t do if you don’t try. So what if you fail, it’s better than never trying right?


Smile More

This seems simple but if you really focus on how many times a day you are so focused on all that is going on that you forget to do the simple things – like smile. 

Smile at your spouse, smile at yourself, smile at strangers, just smile. You will be amazed how much better this will make you feel and can change your mind set.


Quit Negative Comments/Self Talk

I’ve really had to work hard at cutting out the negative comments.  I’ve always struggled in this department and it did nothing but bring me down and bring those around me down.

What we say verbally is what we learn to believe. Imagine what can happen if you simply cut out negative comments. If you focus on staying positive, your life can change in so many ways. We really are our own worst enemy.


Choose Joy

This can go right along with smiling and cutting out the negative self talk. Choose joy and you will have joy. It doesn’t mean that life is going to be easy, in fact it is guaranteed to not always be easy.  It is about how you look at life and at yourself and finding joy even in the hardest situations.


Express Myself

When Wes and I first met and even after we first got married I really struggled with expressing myself and really saying how I felt. I was always worried about how others would respond to me or how I would be viewed.

I’ve learned that nothing in life really every comes from sitting and being quiet. Of course there is a time and place for everything but if you are feeling a certain way – express it!

I have been working on this over the past few months, and it is amazing what has come from simply telling my husband how I feel or if something he has done bothers me. Communication is key to ANY relationship.


Do Something For Yourself

It’s always great to do things for others, but every once in a while do something for you.

This can be as simple as spending the night watching a movie you want to see, painting your nails, going on a shopping trip, spending an hour reading, just something that you enjoy that you don’t get to do often.

We have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. You deserve your love too!

Sometimes for me it is as simple as spending the time getting ready. Even when I am just going to be watching a 3 month old child all day, there is something about spending the time to fix my hair and put on some makeup that makes me feel better.


Take Life A Day at A Time

I learned to do this after I lost my job and am having to focus on it again now that we have a lot of changes coming in the future. I felt overwhelmed and all I could think about was what was going to happen a week, a month, or even a year from now. It caused me to start stressing and feeling down towards myself.

I’ve learned that you truly have to take life a day at a time. Of course, I still have to make plans for the future but I don’t dwell on it. I do what I can and then call it a day.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by work, blogging, running/working out, and all my other obligations. I simply do what I can and then call it a day.

My favorite quote of all time is:

“Courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.’”


This is so true and has really improved not only my overall stress level but has allowed me to focus on my daily accomplishments.


What are some of the things you do to focus on yourself?

Tell me something you LOVE about yourself? Self love is SO important!

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