My first day of switching up my workout routine was a success! 

I am slowly starting to increase my running after two weeks of pretty much doing the same thing. Today I had a 4.5 mile run on the agenda. 


The run itself went well. I still catch myself getting frustrated with where my cardio levels are at, but I know that will come with time.

I finished out the 4.5 mile run and the opted to walk for an extra mile total 60 minutes.

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After I had finished running and cooled down I decided I it was time for strength training. Wes still hadn’t finished his run so I focused on upper body.

Once he finished we did a few lower body weights and strengthening exercises before calling it a day.

2014 01 13 14 42 51


Switching gears for a few minutes, if you haven’t noticed my blog documents two main things: running (if you are surprised by this I am worried) and my marriage.

My marriage is one of the most important things in my life even above running.  

You may have noticed a few mentions on the blog over the past several weeks of some stress going on in my life. To be honest, the stress itself was my husbands. As the wife it still effects you even if you don’t mean it to.


Medical school inevitably comes with stressful times, and even though 4th year is supposed to be the most relaxed of all it hasn’t quite turned out that way for us.


Over the past several weeks specifically I have learned a few very important things when it comes to supporting a spouse who is going through very stressful times.

I thought today I would focus on just this: How to Support Your Spouse in Stressful Times.

How to Support Your Spouse


1. Be Patient and Loving

Even though sometimes you just want to scream, this is the time to really focus on being patient and loving towards your spouse.  Showing patience shows that you are putting your spouse first. You understand what they are going through and when they are ready to talk or they just need a break that you will always be there.

Many times your spouse will push away during this time and I find it important to still be loving and affectionate even when they seem like it is the last thing they want.  I have found it always helps even just slightly.


2. Don’t Take it Personally

We all do it when we are going through hard times: we take things out on our spouse that is in no way their fault. The best thing you can do when you know your spouse is under a lot of stress is not to take the things they say personally. Of course, it isn’t the right thing to take your anger out on someone else but when you know they are dealing with a hard time try your best to let it go and be supportive even when it’s hard.


3. Be a Source of Positivity

Even when things are going badly, try your best to find small ways to bring cheer to your spouse. A simple example was on Sunday after my husband finished his run and got in the shower. I went and left a simple message on his computer:

2014 01 12 14 33 10

I figured not only would this bring a smile to his face but it would also make him laugh. If you know how much I love frozen yogurt you will know how big of a deal this is.

The important thing is just to bring some positivity and cheer to your spouse. It may be the smallest thing but it allows them to forget about the stresses and brings a little joy to their day.


4. Don’t Encourage Negativity

I think this is one of the easiest traps to fall into. Don’t fall into negativity instead stop it before it starts. It is easy for all of us to get down and negative when bad things are going on around us, but as the spouse I believe it helps to try to stay positive and not feed into the negativity.  

Positive comments and focus can go a long way for your spouse. You want to be the safe place they can go to escape from the tough times.


Keeping our fingers crossed for some good news this week! 


What do you like to do for your spouse when they are going through a stressful time?

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